June 5, the day we remember Bruno and Dom and their legacy

Bruno para sempre
Art: Marcelo Vendramel

Published by Opi


Opi, the organization founded by Bruno Pereira, launches a bilingual version of its website and a newsletter on the subject of isolated and recently contacted indigenous peoples, on the day that marks two years since the murders of Bruno and journalist Dom Phillips

June 5 is World Environment Day and, since 2022, marks the moment of the murders of indigenist Bruno Pereira and journalist Dom Phillips, victims of an ambush, killed from behind by a gang of illegal fishermen in the Javari Valley. For their families and friends, for indigenous peoples and for environmental defenders, it will forever be a day of sadness, of remembering the brutal loss of two men who dedicated their lives to human rights and the protection of the Amazon. 

For Opi - Observatory for the Human Rights of Isolated and Recently Contacted Indigenous Peoples, the organization founded by Bruno Pereira, it will also be a day to remember his legacy and continue his work. On this second anniversary of Bruno's death, we affirm the presence of his spirit among us by launching the English version of our website and a newsletter dealing with isolated and recently contacted indigenous peoples. Our website provides detailed information on Opi, on isolated indigenous peoples, on policies to protect these groups and on the history of genocide that has marked the Brazilian state's relationship with indigenous peoples. To access the English version, click here.

The newsletter, called O Estrepe, will be a monthly vehicle for disseminating Opi, with indigenous and indigenous news, updated information on isolated and recently contacted peoples, and current situation analyzes carried out by the Observatory's collective of researchers and technicians, dedicated daily to monitor policies for the protection and promotion of indigenous rights in Brazil. To subscribe to the O Estrepe newsletter, go to home page from the website.

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